Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving/ 4th of July!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving in Ein Gev! The workers here are absolutly amazing! they are so good to us. Many years ago when the group asked if we could have a bon fire they made it happen and the tradition still goes on... but now they have mixed up the word and they call it a firebon! :) They have also accidently combined thanksgiving with 4th of July! Oh what a hoot! they put roman candles on all of our turkeys!!! It was so great! I loved it so much!!!! Thanksgiving to remember :)

I made new friends!!

This is Brother Skinner, me and Brother Hunington. They really have become great friends of mine. I love learning from them - they know so much and they love to teach us. They know each of our quirks and we know so many of their jokes.

This is when we went to the Syria border - behind us is the UN building and no-man's land inbetween us and Syria.

Fish anyone!?

Jacquie and me having delicious Galilee fish! I actually loved it! :)

Nain and Mt. Tabor

The city of Nain and the chaple we sang in. It is in this out of the way, small farming city that Christ comes to the widow who has just lost her only son and He comes and raises him for the dead. It is here that I came to have a stronger testimony that Heavenly Father really does hear us. He knows our sorrows. In the background is Mt. Tabor - possibly the sight of the transfiguration of Christ.

home away from home away from home

This is Ein Gev. My beach and my "home" for the past two weeks. I was constantly on this beautiful beach just enjoying the waves and the beautiful and silent view. At night across the water we could see the lights of Tiberias - It makes you understand where Christ taught the parable "a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid"

Land Mines!!

Here is the Golan Heights :) This is also the cliff that the swine ran off when the evil spirtis were cast out of a man and into the swine. Brother skinner asked what would happen if a cow walked over the barbed wire. He answered with a twinkle in his eye : "shredded beef!" He is so great!

Mt of Beatitudes

Here we read the Beatitudes. Blessed be the... translates well to "fortunate are those". So, we learned how to cultivate these gifts. Behind me is the Sea of Galilee and the desert place where the 5,000 were fed.